Choosing colour correctly

We must admit, some of the Duffle Coats UK team have work items into the office which are real shockers, or drain the colour from the person wearing them. With a season full of rich bright colours and a catalogue of an amazing array of different coats, we thought it would be great to find out which colours suit different types of skin tone.

Firstly we have to determine the colour of your skin tone. Unlike what we may have thought when we were younger, we are not all pink. Skin has hues of yellow, peach, orange, pink, olive and brown and matching colours can be a task but we can make it simple. Firstly you can divide your skin colouring into seasons, spring, summer autumn and winter.

Spring offer a creamy complexion, maybe with freckles and strawberry blonde hair with green or blue eyes.

Summer covers blonde or brunettes with pale eyes and skin

Autumn skin tones include red heads and brunettes with brown eyes and golden skin

Winter covers those with Brunette air and pale yellowish skin, with deep coloured eyes, Asian and Oriental skin usually falls into this category.


Now lets look at the clothing


Spring skin should choose clothing which offers warm colours such as peaches, camels, yellows and golds, Spring should avoid dark dull colours

Summer can show off in neutrals and pastels with pink and blue undertones

Autumns again should strut their stuff in golden colours and avoid any colours with blue undertones such as Navy.

Finally Winters can wear sharp block colours such as red, navy, white and black, for lighter versions choose icy colours rather than pastels! has a range of coloured Duffle coats that will suit every skin colouring. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter skin tones will be flattered with our incredible coats.