Boyfriend jeans are back

A change in season calls for a change in jeans, and right now it’s all about the boyfriend. Denim is back in a big way and this particular style can see you through any number of fashion fixes—yes, it’s difficult to pull off, but do it well and you’ll be outshining your other half with ease.

The boyfriend jean is big, baggy and boxy, and that means everything else you wear needs to be feminine and fitted to keep your silhouette in check. That’s the one main rule you need to remember, but apart from that feel free to go to town—you can dress the look up or down, either opting for heels or flats depending on your mood or the occasion, with the style working just as well for a weekend shopping trip as it does for a few cocktails at the bar.

A great option is to pair the jeans with a tank top, tee or even a cropped top, perhaps adding a fitted blazer to ramp up the look, or you might like to go for a sheer shirt for something truly high-end. It’s all about finding the look that works for you and as long as everything else is groomed to perfection you can easily nail the oversize style—look to the likes of Gwen Stefani or Rachel Bilson for a bit of boyfriend jean inspiration.

Of course, you don’t actually have to steal your boyfriend’s jeans (unless you want to)—those that have been specifically designed for female proportions will fit far better yet will still give the look you’re after, and with plenty of styles on offer you’ll soon find the denim that’ll work for you. Whether you’re after the grungy, ripped look or want something a bit more formal you’ll be able to find it, so get out there and work those boyfriend jeans!