Be bold

OK, so it may be cold and miserable out there but that doesn’t mean you have to fade into the snowy background. It’s time to be bold, be daring and stand out from the crowd, and if you really want to achieve the desired effect then opting for a woman’s duffle coat in a bright, statement colour could be the perfect solution.

You’re bound to take more notice of people if they’re more daring in their choice of colours, because with so many plain coats around they’ll instantly make an impression. So why not make the change as well? Of course, if you’re used to colours on the blander side of things it might take a bit of courage to go for something truly head-turning, so start small—think pastels or rich shades rather than post box reds, with baby blue or burgundy being ideal. Or, if block colours aren’t your thing then you could always go for checked patterns for colour without the same level of impact, letting you get used to the look and feel of a splash of colour.

So what are you waiting for? Black is so 2011, so give the traditional options a miss and seek something at the brighter end of the scale instead. It could transform the way you look and could even alter your mood as well—cheerful colours could easily make you feel happier in yourself, and you’d only have to look in a mirror to smile at the vision before you. You’ll soon be turning heads and will set yourself apart from boring coat-wearers, and if you take a look around you’ll soon see the array of colours we have on offer. Pick one of our stylish duffle coats in a statement colour and you can’t go wrong, so be bold and you’ll be able to make the perfect impression.