Posted on September 12th, 2018

London Fashion Week is nearly upon us and this September 2018 will showcase the best of British design, with catwalk shows, presentations, the Designer Showrooms and events organised throughout the week.

So without getting bogged down in the logic of the myriad of fashionistas, we’ve got some tough terrain to cross first. It probably won’t be news to learn that, this autumn, the great outdoors will prove to be a massive influence on the fashion industry. Everyone from Balenciaga to Prada now has some form of retro-style anorak, fleece or hiking boot on their roster. Naturally, the brands for which the call of the wild is their very reason for being should also be there or rather, out there.


Sure enough, the likes of The North Face are enjoying their moment in the sun (which is ironic, given that we are led to believe the sun doesn’t land on the north face that often). So, too, is Montgomery an adventure-focused brand founded over 100 years ago and named after the renowned WW1 military leader General Montgomery.

But while this coat is designed for venturing far both in the city and the countryside, the label has stuck to what it does best, with a collection of retro lines that are borrowed from its archives. With a deep mariner heritage, the Original Montgomery Duffle has moved far from the old seafaring days to produce wonderful coats for both men, women and children, where you can explore beyond the track to the most exclusive hipster bars. The humble Duffle has gained a cult following not just for its capabilities but also its left-field designs and bold colour ways.


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