British craftsmanship- how we make Montgomery Duffle products. Montgomery hooded wool toggle duffles, Pea coats and Submariner sweaters are the best you can buy. We make all our products in England, and we sell them to you, so you can buy direct from the factory, so you save around £100 on similar products sold elsewhere. Here is how we make them. The Montgomery Duffle design team ideas start with a detailed look at the market and design trends. Since we make all our products in England we are confident of a clear understanding of the British Style.

Most people think all duffles are the same- Montgomery Duffle certainly make them with the same care and attention we always have, for over 100 years. Getting the shape right is a major task. Most people do not realise that a duffle is unlike any other coat- it fits from the shoulder down- most coats and jackets fit from the chest. This is of course the reason that duffles from specialist brands like ourselves fit and feel better than fashion shop duffles- it is our business and we care. Having made the first drawing a sample is made, in the correct fabric.

Changes can then be made once real people try on the sample. Sometimes as many as five samples are made before we get to the final pattern. We then, using our long experience to `grade` the pattern- that is following certain pre-agreed rules- each size is generated to produce separate patterns for every size we might ever need. The top sizes and smaller sizes have different grades that follow the information we have on the public's shapes. Then we are ready to make the first initial production batch. This is usually a short run to allow for fittings across all sizes- to make sure every size works as well as all the others. Finally we are ready for customer production.