Because we make all our own duffles we can offer our customer’s substantial savings on what the prices would be if we sold our duffles on the High Street- or any similar quality British Made duffle you can buy. Some years ago we sold our duffles in the traditional way- we went to exhibitions and used agents and distributors to sell our products to retailers. These results in an extra margin- the price the retailer adds to cover his costs- and that is the saving you now make. Typically on a duffle coat it will be at least £100.

You get free shipping, free returns and an absolute no quibble guarantee. Not many retailers can say that and none can match our prices.


Sounds good- but what does it mean?

If you buy in your local currency- pound sterling for the UK there is no charge for any delivery we make to you.

If- for any reason- you wish to return the goods there are instructions with each delivery on how you can return your purchase at our cost. You don’t pay now and collect the money later.

So what happens if I send my duffle back because it does not fit me and the replacement is still too small or too big?

The same applies. We work to make you happy- at our cost.

And what happens if I don`t like the product and I want my money back?

Return the purchase to us- in the same condition it reaches you, using our free returns process and we refund your purchase price in full.

And if there are any issues- at all- that you are not happy about please call us, online chat to us, or e mail us. We are a family owned British company based in Leicester. We work local hours from 9-5pm. We will guarantee your total satisfaction.