Winter Walks in my new duffle coat!

Yesterday, just to embrace the winter winds, me and my gorgeous boyfriend went with our friends Adam and Rachel and their dog Buster, to Sherwood Forest. It was a nice change to get some fresh air on a Sunday morning, instead of just residing the day to hangovers, McDonald’s breakfasts, hoodies, sweatpants and our bed, as we usually do.

So there we all were, dressed up in our warm coats, mine was my brand new duffle coat just aimlessly walking around breathing in the fresh air, the day was going so well, and when we stopped off for a good old Sunday roast the day got even better. But as it goes, no day is ever fully perfect which we all discovered when it started chucking it down, and we were still more than 4 miles away from the car.

Then, just to make matters worse, by the time we ran back to the car not only were we all drenched, but the dog was nowhere to be seen. So we go back to find the mutt, who is quite happily bounding around like a gazelle in the rain, trying to rip branches off trees. I am pretty sure he was the only one of us who didn’t mind the rain.

Thinking back on it now it was quite funny, at the time however, as we were wet and freezing cold it did not seem funny at all! Add the fact that the dog got muddy wet paw prints all over one of my new sweatshirts when it jumped into the car and as you can imagine, I was less than impressed. In fact I was absolutely gutted; if that dog had his own bank account then he would be getting my rather large dry cleaning bill!