Why buy British?

Beautiful garments made in Britain, using quality raw materials and skills honed over the last hundred years is what you can expect from Dufflecoats UK and British clothing manufacturers.

british flag
As spring approaches many of us will be sorting through our wardrobes to see what we need for the upcoming seasons. Before you head to the fashion stores and buy their cheap fashionable imports, have a look what British clothing manufacturers have to offer. I promise you will be pleasantly surprised not only with the quality but also with how fashionable their garments are. After all Britain is one of the notable fashion capitals of the world. They may cost a little more than their cheaper imitations but classic designs and unrivalled raw materials make British clothes a sound investment that will keep you on trend through the seasons.

If you’re not convinced by the beauty and durability of our products here’s a few reasons why buying British is best:


– Employment law protects British workers who can expect fair wages and safe working conditions.
– Traditional manufacturing skills will be lost to upcoming generations if they are not used.
– Buying British will keep these skills in Britain and help us maintain a skill set that once lost can never be regained.


Another tangible benefit of buying British is that it boosts the local economy, in terms of investment and jobs for local workers. It’s not just the manufacturer who benefits. Local jobs mean local workers will spend their money partly within the local economy on other manufactured goods and the service industry adding to Britain’s prosperity, which benefits us all.


Buying British also reduces the environmental impact of your purchases by cutting the distance goods are transported.


So give the British clothing industry a boost and enjoy cutting edge fashion with a conscience!