Which duffle coat did Paddington wear in the latest film? We think we have the answer

Celebrity designed bears for the NSPCC Paddington Trail are launched at Tower Bridge, London, Britain on 3 Nov 2014



Excitement ran high in the office last Friday. Why?


Because it was the opening night of Paddington! Didn’t you rush out to see it?

With popcorn in one hand and marmalade sandwiches in the other, the duffle coat aficionados from Duffle Coats UK headed to the cinema. There was just one question on our lips; what kind of duffle coat would Paddington be wearing?

The film opened disappointingly. Paddington was in the buff! Not a wooden toggle in sight! Could it be that the film directors had deviated from the original Paddington outfit?

We watched warily as the Paddington story unfolded. Was this going to be a 21st century massacre of the story of the best loved bear?

Paddington is found by the Browns. Still no duffle coat

We first see Paddington au naturel (in deepest darkest Peru) and before long, he finds himself in London. But, on his arrival at Paddington station, he’s only wearing his trademark hat and the ‘Please look after this bear’ label. We were perplexed; just where will the duffle coat come from?

Sitting alone on the platform at Paddington Station, Paddington (voiced by Ben Whishaw, also the new ‘Q’ in the Bond films) is taken in by Mr and Mrs Brown. Although Mr Brown, (Hugh Bonneville, Downton Abbey) is far from convinced.

Paddington’s arrival at 32 Windsor Gardens is not without mishap. Well, more grand scale flooding than mishap. And then he bumbles along through the film creating happy mayhem at every turn.

And the chaos that he brings with him causes Mr Brown – a health and safety fiend – extreme stress. So Paddington, a sensitive and well-meaning soul, tries to make amends. With the help of the children he spruces himself up.

By now we were in agony…was there going to be a duffle coat or not?

A duffle coat family heirloom

And then it happened.

In one of the most poignant scenes of the film, Mrs Bird, the housekeeper (Julie Walters) decides that the new, clean Paddington is lacking something.

She reaches into an old wardrobe and produces…a blue duffle coat.

It transpires that not only was the duffle coat worn by Jonathan and Judy (the children) but also by Mr Brown on his very first day of school. So Paddington had been handed the equivalent of a duffle coat heirloom.

We are LOVING that plot twist!

As the film gathered pace and Paddington’s days seemed numbered – oooo the suspense! – we have to confess to being a little distracted.

You see, we were trying to work out which one of our duffle coats most resembled Paddington’s. It was sort of the same colour as the Mayfair Duffle, but it didn’t have the fleck.

It was a similar length to the London Duffleit ended just under his, err, derrière – but the toggles weren’t quite right. The toggles on Paddington’s duffle coat harked back to its naval origins with traditional wood and rope fastenings.

In the end, just as Paddington escapes a brush with Nicole Kidman (and certain death), we worked it out.

Paddington’s duffle coat is most like our Classic Duffle Coat! OK, so the colour isn’t quite the same and our traditional checked lining is more muted than Paddington’s, but we think it’s near enough.

And in the end…

What was the outcome for Paddington? Did the evil Millicent (Nicole Kidman) get her taxidermist needle into our favourite bear? Why did Paddington have to hide in the fridge? And what was Hugh Bonneville doing in drag?

Our lips are sealed. We couldn’t deprive you of the joy of seeing one of the best films of 2014.

But we can tell you is this. Not only does Paddington get to wear a duffle coat that has been in the family for years (all the best duffles are passed down from generation to generation), he’s also connected to Montgomery.

But is it the same Montgomery who first popularised the wearing of duffle coats?

You’ll have to go and see for yourself. Happy viewing!

If you’re after a duffle coat like Paddington Bear’s, see our full range of men’s duffle coats.

And if you’re heading to London, take the Paddington Trail.