Where to buy the Matt Lucas duffle coat from the Dr Who episode, ‘Husbands of River Song’

Doctor Who Mayfair Duffle Coat


One of the highpoints of 2015 was the call we received from a representative of the Doctor Who production company.

Long story short: the production company bought a number of our duffle coats.

Even in our wildest dreams we didn’t think they’d make it on to Doctor Who. We thought maybe it was to keep the crew warm while they filmed or something.

But then…the first trailer to the film came out (see above).

Can you see it? Can you see Matt Lucas wearing our Mayfair duffle coat?

We were hugely thrilled in the office, not least because our duffle coat has breathed the same air as the great Doctor himself. Love it.

If you also loved our duffle coat in the Doctor Who episode, it’s very simple to buy it.

Head to our Mayfair duffle coat page, choose your size and hit buy. You’ll be Tardis-ready in no time.