What to look for in a new winter coat

If there’s one thing you most certainly need before winter rolls around it’s a new coat. But just because it’s a day-to-day essential, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Here we will share a few ideas of what to look when buying a new coat for winter.


Winter Coats Guide Duffle Coats UK



If you are planning on investing a significant amount of money in a good quality winter coat, you are going to pick one that goes with all of your outfits and is suitable for all ocassions. Black and camel coloured coats are the obvious choice, but other versatile colours for autumn and winter include burgundy, baby blue and olive.


If plain coloured coats aren’t your thing, there are plenty of patterned winter coats on the market, it’s just about choosing a pattern that works well with other patterns and colours. We personally think you can never go wrong with a classic checked duffle coat.



Something else you will need to consider when buying a new winter coat is it’s size. Remember you are probably going to want to wear a knitted sweater at the very least underneath, so consider whether you need to size up.



Finally, you need examine the material winter coats are made from. If you will be wearing your winter coat every day, you need to make sure it is durable. Whilst coats made from quality materials are likely to be more expensive, you have to remember that you will get more wear out of them as they will last longer, making their cost per use much lower!


For us, wool is the best choice for a coat. It’s classic, durable and will keep you warm during the cold winter months. However if you are planning on buying a woolly winter coat, make sure it is made from proper wool. Whilst synthetic versions are cheaper, they will be prone to pilling and will not last half as long!