What makes a good duffle coat?

At this time of year we all need a good winter coat, and for the perfect combination of warmth, comfort and style you just can’t beat a duffle coat. But, as with any purchase you need to make sure that you’re choosing wisely, so just what makes a good duffle coat anyway?

Well, the first thing you need to look for is the quality of material. Duffle is actually the name of the cloth so your coat should ideally be made out of genuine duffle, because it’s this thick, coarse woolen material that gives the coat its warmth as well as its name. Traditional models are lined with a tartan pattern so you’ll probably want to stick with that to get the true impact of a duffle coat, and of course you’ll want to go for a hooded option as well—not only is it traditional but it’s practical, and whilst there are plenty of styles out there you can’t beat the original article.

Take a close look at the toggle fastenings as well. These also need to be top-quality to ensure longevity and suitability for the job in hand, with the toggles themselves needing to be wood and the closure being quality rope. Knee length is the style of choice and you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the traditional pocket style too, and of course everything needs to be put together according to incredibly high standards. You want a coat that’s going to last but you want it to look great, and as we all know, quality shows.

That’s why you need to see what we’ve got to offer. Our duffle coats are made of the finest materials to give a luxurious softness and a fantastic depth of colour, and with double-sided fabric that’s woven together (not stuck or glued like some inferior versions) in the traditional design you really can’t go wrong. So, if you want to see what makes a good duffle coat just take a look around—you’ve got the perfect options right here.