Transitional dressing—the accessories

Is anyone else getting a bit fed up of the weather at the moment? You can never tell what’s coming from one day to the next. Is it spring? Is it winter? Will I need my chunky boots or will the sun leave me sweltering under excess layers? Who can tell! That’s why it’s important to be prepared. This time of year it’s all about transitional dressing so you can be ready for anything, but don’t think this only applies to your main items of clothing—if anything’s going to make this tricky in-between-y stage easier to cope with it’s a few carefully chosen accessories, and here are just a few items you need in your life:

Fingerless gloves. You won’t need to wear full-on gloves all the time but sometimes a bit of extra warmth will be necessary, and that’s where fingerless gloves come in. They’ll protect your hands from those biting winds without leaving you too hot and they’re hugely practical as well, and if you make sure to go for light materials or crochet knits you’ll have the perfect solution.

Lightweight scarf. You’ll still want something to wrap round your neck but from now on you’ll want to give the thick woollen scarf a miss, so go for something a bit lighter and more spring-like instead. Again, it’s all about choosing lightweight materials with a delicate silk or chiffon scarf being ideal, and it can really add something to your look to give your outfit the perfect finishing touch.

Shoe boots. Chances are you’ll want to start leaving the winter boots at home, and at this time of year you can’t beat a simple pair of shoe boots to see you through the season. Chic, stylish and practical they can work with a whole range of outfit choices from work-wear to off-duty cool, so always have a pair in your wardrobe.

Umbrella. We’re in April, and that can only mean one thing—April showers are on the horizon (as if we haven’t had enough wet, windy weather already…) and that means you should carry an umbrella with you at all times. You’ll want a mini style that you can pop into your bag and whip out when the droplets start to fall, and if you go for fun, bright designs it’ll feel far less depressing too.

So there you have it—a few key accessories you need in your life over the next few weeks, and if you team them with one of our short duffles you’ll have the perfect spring look so you’re ready for anything the temperamental weather can throw at you.