The umbrella—your essential winter purchase

OK, we don’t like moaning about the weather, but have you seen how wet it is out there at the moment? Floods are a very real occurrence and even if you’re lucky enough to have avoided them you’ve probably still been caught in a deluge from time to time, and that makes an umbrella a must-have winter purchase. You should carry one around with you at all times because you never know when the heavens are going to be open, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for bland versions. With a high-impact umbrella you can bring a bit of interest into an otherwise boring purchase, making even the heaviest of downpours slightly more enjoyable.

Colour pop umbrellas are ideal. They’re a great way to brighten up a miserable day, and no-one can fail to smile as they set eyes on one—you’ll stand out in a sea of black alternatives, and with so many different colours to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice. It doesn’t have to stop there either—you can get a whole range of interesting designs with heart umbrellas and clear versions being incredibly popular, or why not channel the print trend with an animal print style? The choices are endless, and you’re certainly not short of options when it comes to sizes either.

A mini umbrella is perfect if you’re looking for one to pop into your bag as a just-in-case measure, letting you be ready for anything the weather could throw at you, but for those really wet days you’ll probably want to consider a golf umbrella for extra coverage. With so many options to choose from you’ll easily be able to add a bit of personality into the blandest of days, so see what you can uncover and be totally prepared for the season ahead.