The short duffle—getting you ready for autumn

After such scorching weather over the last few months, a lot of us are looking forward to a change in seasons. Autumn is on the horizon so we’ll soon have a chance to cool off a bit, and as an added bonus it means we get to look forward to a brand new season of style with a few extra layers thrown on for good measure. Well, why not get prepared? You’ll want a few lightweight coats to get you set up for the season ahead, and you might find that the short duffle is the ideal solution…

The short duffle is the perfect choice if you’re looking for an in-between jacket to see you through autumn and on into winter. The younger brother of the traditional duffle, the short version (as you would expect) has a shorter length which makes it ideal for when the temperatures start to drop, but the lighter style means you won’t be sweltering too much. It should be a staple of your winter wardrobe and is ideal for those just-in-case occasions—carry one with you on a night out and you’ll be warm and cosy during those chilly evenings, and because it’s so versatile it can work just as well whether it’s dressed up or down.

With plenty of different colour options to choose from there’ll be something for everyone, with this iconic style being great for both sexes too. It’s the perfect choice for this time of year, and although it’ll be a while before most of us experience really cold weather there’s nothing wrong with getting a head start. Invest in a short duffle and you’ll have a coat that can see you through autumn and beyond, so see what styles you can uncover and you’ll be prepared before you know it.