The presenter, his pants, Leicester City and duffle coats (Or: Why Gary Lineker might need one of our duffle coats)

blog1 What do duffle coats have to do with Gary Lineker in his pants? You’d be surprised


We’ve all done it. Said something hasty that we later regret.

And it seems that Gary Lineker, ex-Leicester City football club player and host of BBC1’s sporting programme, Match of the Day (MOTD) is wishing he’d never written THAT tweet.

The one in December where he vowed to present the programme wearing only his pants if Leicester City win the Premier League:




But why would we, a duffle coat company, care about football and a presenter in his pants?

Well, our office is based in Leicester.

And our football team, Leicester City, appears to be about to do the unthinkable.

Because from the bottom of the league, they could be just 1 match away from winning the premier league.

Which, in football mad Britain, is a very big thing indeed.

The city – usually more famous for the King in the car park than football success – is holding its breath.

The Leicester Mercury newspaper and BBC radio Leicester have launched a ‘Backing the Blues’ campaign. The aim? To turn Leicestershire and Rutland blue for a day on April 29th in honour of Leicester City.

DeMontfort University students will be wearing ‘Cardi’s for Vardy’ and hanging a 31ft Leicester City banner on the campus to show their support.

There’s talk of blue beer.

And even primary school children are being invited to wear blue for the day on Friday April 29th.

And if Leicester City beat Manchester United on Sunday May 1st? Our team will win the Premier League. And Gary Lineker will be presenting the first programme of the next season of Match of the Day in his pants.

So here in our Leicester office, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish Leicester City a win on Sunday. And to offer Gary Lineker a duffle coat to cover his modesty.

A blue one of course!