Tailoring to the Royals

Years ago, Katherine Hooker found a boys Hasidic coat in a junk shop in Israel. She loved the coat so much and it fitted her so beautifully, that she found a tailor to replicate the exact coat. When returning to London, Katherine found her friends were in awe of her new beautiful garments and soon orders were flooding in for replicas of this stunning coat. Hooker opened her London Store in 2003 and since then has been visited on numerous occasions from royalty such as Kate and Pippa Middleton and Princess Beatrice.

Kate Middleton has been seen in a number of stunning coats and pieces. Katherine Hooker had the honorable task of dressing 15 people for the royal wedding. Due to her label boost by Middleton alone, Hooker has expanded her company and her staff into the USA, where royal fever has boomed.

This year the Royals have decided to put a stricter dress policy on Ascot which means no more fleshy pictures of women tottering around, we need to take a leaf from the Middleton’s book, looking suave and sophisticated. Rules such as straps can be no thinner than 1 inch and many people have been asking about what to wear, as they are going into the Royal Enclosure, which is fantastic business for Hooker.

One of Katherine Hookers most expensive coats is the Tori coat which goes for $1750, this is due to the style and design, double-sided cashmere fabric and the fact the coat is made up from 6 panels which you tend not to find on the high street as more panels result in a lot more wastage. The fact is, the Hooker Tory coat is beautifully elegant and mobiles with an exquisite sense of luxury, this coat is mobile and dressed the body to elongate and slim the torso.

Katherine Hooker is a choice designer of the Royal Females.