Romancing the coat

Christmas is not only the time for giving, celebrating and maybe eating and drinking a little too much, but as part of the celebrations all our favourite films flood onto our screens.



Feel good movies make us feel lovely and warm, maybe a little weepy, but its weird how we aspire to the plots and characters in the films, we want what they have, and that even goes down to their wardrobes.



Take Bridget Jones for instance, this slightly clumsy but lovable character gets her man, despite having to go through hell to get him, and in the first movie when we see Colin Firth as Mark Darcy popping out to purchase a new diary for Bridget and they are stood in the snow, then he wraps his gorgeous long woolen coat around her, it makes us want to melt.

So not everyone of our men is a Mr Mark Darcy and neither are we all Bridget’s, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to go without what they have.

There are some gorgeous coats on the market.

Escape back to the Victorian period, with a gorgeous fitted Victorian style coat. These beautiful pieces tend to button right down the front of the coat and the lower skirt flares out. This can be a short cropped coat or a longer knee length or calf length versions. You could have visions of you twirling around in the snow, into the arms of your hearts desire.


Maybe its all a bit much, but the festive season is such a romantic period, and clothing can make you feel incredible, especially if you have compliments about your winter coat!

So don’t sit starring wanting to be just like Bridget, get down the shops and buy a new coat, random idea, but at least it will take your mind away from the fact we’re not all movie stars!