Winter’s over (yes really) the sun finally begins to shine; the flowers bloom and the wedding bells will chime. Let go of the old and make space for new ideas and new beginnings. (Yes, we could be talking about bit of spring cleaning…. but that’s far too dull) we’re thinking about everything that’s truly lovely about springtime in sunny England this season.


Lamb is big, but not on your plate

Hard to believe but eating a juicy roast lamb at this time of year no longer heralds the start of spring. In fact you’re more likely to find lambs skins draping a trendy kitchen chair or fashionable bed throw than on your plate. If you’re a regular reader, then you’ll know just how much we love the humble lamb and use the beautiful carefully selected natural lambs wool in all of our products. View latest collection.


All weather BBQ’s

Hasn’t that always been the way? Officially May is now historically dryer than August, so fingers crossed it will be an early BBQ season (hum…. might just keep that spring wool sweater close anyway)

Royal Wedding Parties

Harry and Megan will tie the knot this spring in no doubt a carnival of media coverage. And why not? Who doesn’t love a good wedding? With all the pomp and ceremony of a traditional high society Royal wedding and a huge dollop of transatlantic glam “A” listers to boot, Chances are that it will be the most chic, lavish and modern royal wedding yet. So lets join in the party, dust off your hat, hang your bunting high and celebrate a big slice of authentic English bling.

Bum bags

A welcome return to the practical 80’ bum bag? Well, it’s remodeled, revamped and looking good. Some will look super-cool and many may struggle to carry it off. As with all the most unlikely trends like (fur-liner mules, overalls, giant puffers chances are you’ll have one before you know it!

The Trench Coat

You are never more than a couple of season away from a timeless Trench Coat revival, but this spring is serious. The classic Trench is back in a big way. For men and women everywhere the Trench is the answer to all your chic spring outerwear issues. View our latest Trench collection now.

Avocado’s out, Pineapple’s in.

Admittedly, you can’t do pineapple on toast for breakfast and it’s a little tricky to pop a pineapple in your bag for a super green lunch, but don’t be shocked to see our spiky friend turning up in salsas, dips, salads and of course the fore mentioned spring BBQ!

Happy spring everyone!

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