Original Montgomery Duffle Is Just Right

As January makeover season kicks in, we ask, is Lagom where it’s at? Ever since top fashion houses quoted lagom as ‘the new hygge’ last year, (the Danish concept of ‘cosiness’), the word has been popping up everywhere, from lifestyle blogs to the latest season’s clothing collections. But has ‘lagom’ really overtaken hygge as the biggest lifestyle trend for this time of year in 2018? (And what is it, exactly?)


The translation of the Swedish concept of lagom is “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right.” While as you may well know from our earlier articles about comfy living, hygge is all about staying in with family (and potentially never moving from your warm toasty fire), getting cosy, chatting with friends in a coffee shop or basically taking the time to enjoy a moment of contentment (whatever the weather). Montgomery Duffle absolutely loved Hygge and its simple genius for bring us closer together. But lagom is all about moderation. Rather than enjoying the warm moments, it’s about living a simple life with just enough possessions; everything functional and a life in balance.


‘Lagom is a Swedish term, roughly translated means “not too little, not too much – just right”; if everyone takes a lagom amount from life, they will be content,’ Lagom encourages us to create a happy life by choosing to live a balanced and fruitful existence.’


Is it just another trend? According to Pinterest, searches for ‘lagom’ went up by 53% in the first three months of last year, and searches for ‘lagom design’ had risen by 68% in the six months previous. Ikea also launched its ‘Live Lagom’ project last year, to help its customers live a ‘more sustainable, healthy and cost-concision life’.


But Scandinavian lagom converts insist this isn’t a trend. (And it isn’t the new hygge, either.) Scandinavian trends have dominated the headlines in the last year, and after the popularity of Hygge, and it’s easy to view Lagom as just the latest trend, but it is far more than just that. Often dubbed “the secret of Swedish contentment”, unlike Hygge, Lagom is a philosophy and overarching approach to living your life. Crucially the foundation of Lagom is contentment and creating a perfect balance, believing if you take just enough from life for yourself, you leave enough for others to be happy.’


If any fashion were to encapsulate this Goldilocks idea of balance, it would have to be our classic duffle coat. Not too little, not too much, just enough to keep you really happy and warm. Hand made in England from 70% sheep’s wool with genuine buffalo toggles and iconic Original Montgomery duffle design. So hygge or lagom; whatever this seasons icy blast, driving rain or howling wind may bring, you will only need one super quality duffle coat to keep you warm and snug.


May be we shouldn’t relinquish one style in favour of the other. To be fair, each theory has some wonderful values for really helping us to connect with nature, share each others space, be resourceful with our planet and spend time helping us to become content and happy. Sounds pretty good to us.


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