Niagra has more than one wonder

There’s a place on earth that has more than one wonder happening at the moment, one is natural and one is man-made.
The Horse-Shoe Falls in Niagara displays 600,000 gallons of water per second and is a marvel to behold and a natural wonder that everyone should go a visit at least once in their lives. But something else is happening in Niagara, a group of people have collected coats and are giving them away. The Coats for Kids campaign is an annual event where a surplus amount of coats are sent to a destination and are given away to young kids that might not have the right means or that much money but may suffer from the cold. If the winters in Niagara are cold enough to freeze the falls to a complete stop imagine what it would be like for those children that are without a coat.

The person who first started this event in Niagara and has carried on with the great work is a Joe Petrozzi. The story goes that he was looking out of his window towards the end of autumn and beginning of winter and he saw a lone child walking home from school without a coat on, thinking on his feet, he says “My father grabbed one of my (winter) coats that he had just cleaned and he gave it to the little boy, that’s how it started.” Joe’s father Russ who found the coat to give to the kid is now a full time partner in action for what they do.
Due to this single act of kindness coats are collected for the annual event year round to make sure they have enough of demand for the masses of people coming from either Canada or over the border from America.

Joe mentions that there’s a great solace and comfort in life when you see families coming to this event with their children and everyone is smiling and happy.
So if you ever want to go to Niagara Falls don’t forget to take an old coat and give it to the charity event, making space in your suitcase for you to buy a new seasonal one over there.