National Treasures


National Treasures



Beyond the closed doors and behind the heavy curtains, lies another world that has been hidden away. Now, more than ever before our wonderful national treasures and beautiful historic houses are opening their doors and welcoming visitors to see and experience a slice of England’s history.

With more than 300 historic buildings available, from the grand and imposing to the small and quirky, you’re could say that you will be spoilt for choice.

For something to get you out and about in your Duffle this spring, the National Trust has put together a list of places that changed world history or were full of scandal and intrigue. Now that has to be worth a visit!

Here’s a couple we thought were worth a look.

 The Profumo Affair | Cliveden

Cliveden Hall

At a grand party in the 1960s was where the Secretary of State for War, John Profumo, met showgirl, Christine Keeler and a love affair ensued. Little did Profumo know, this affair was not only about to cause a scandal, but a twist in the tale meant it posed a huge security risk. It would go on to end his career, trigger a suicide and bring down the government that he served.

Ickworth Hall

IckworthControversial relationships filled his life, but it was tea that was blamed for the early death of Lord Hervey, the second Earl of Ickworth. He was notorious for his outspoken memoirs of the court of George II, his effeminate style, sharing a mistress with the Prince of Wales and having a 10 year relationship with another man. Despite this, he never separated from his wife and the couple had eight children together.

When he died at 41 his father blamed the early demise on his son’s fondness for a pot of tea!

You can find more stories and where to see some truly fabulous national treasures by visiting the National Trust website at

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