Make a statement with your coat

We all like to turn a few heads from time to time, but during winter it’s all-too easy to fade into the background. Covering up with layer upon layer of clothing can easily make us look less than svelte, and what about the winter coat? Most are bulky, drab and so far from the catwalk it’s almost laughable. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s time to make a change so you can make a real statement with your coat, and duffle coats could be the perfect way to do just that.

Duffle coats look just as good on the high street as they do on the catwalk, and they’re the must-have coat of any fashion conscious consumer. They’re thick, warm and perfect for the cold winter months, but there’s more to them than practicality. They look fantastic on any figure and will easily make you stand out from the crowd, and with so many different colours and designs to choose from you’re bound to find one that perfectly suits your sense of style.

You can choose from long or short versions, plain coloured or patterned, hooded or hoodless—whatever you want you’ll be able to find it, and if you really want to make a statement why not choose a high-impact colour? Women’s styles cover everything from demure camels to striking reds, letting you change your coat to suit your mood. With most of our other clothing choices being covered up at this time of year your coat will be your main signifier of style, so it’s important that you’re able to make a statement—it may be cold and damp outside but you can still look good in spite of the weather, and duffel coats will be the perfect way to have that kind of impact.