Keep it local

Keeping it local has never been more important, and that applies as much to the clothes you wear as the food you eat. Luckily this needn’t be that difficult to achieve—there are plenty of designers and manufacturers committed to keeping things as home-grown as possible, and with a bit of research you could soon find products that will suit your ideals.

With Australia being the largest producer of wool in the world you’re certainly not short of options. This wool is exported worldwide but a lot of it stays right here too, meaning you’re getting a quality product from a source you know and love, and with more designers going back to basics and giving synthetic materials a miss you could easily find clothes made out of this natural fibre. Of course, it isn’t just wool either—leather products, oilskin coats and any number of other options can be found that are all home-grown, made from Australian materials and manufactured right here, so it’s high time you did a bit of research.

By keeping it local you’re doing your bit for the environment too. Your clothes won’t need to be shipped for thousands of miles meaning you’re cutting your carbon footprint with ease, and by concentrating on natural materials you needn’t worry about any damaging processing steps that could have gone into things. You’re helping the economy too, something that we all need to think about, and with a lot of Australian-made products keeping current trends in mind you can stay at the top of the fashion stakes too. So what are you waiting for? By keeping it local you’re getting quality products whilst doing your bit for the economy and the environment, so do your research and you’ll have the clothes you need to keep it local and stay looking good.