It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So it looks like the news has indicated that we’re going to have another cold winter this year. This means that the UK will probably close down if there is more than 1 inch of snow as is tradition. But why does it seem that the top parts of Canada, Russia and the most part of Greenland can cope most of the year during this annual weather feast that we get? This is because they seem to be able to dress and carry on their lives amongst the snow. The key here is how they dress and sustain a warm body, because of the inertia of what they are wearing. Most of it is down to wearing many layers of certain clothing, but it is also mainly because of the type of coats they seem to wear as well.

The main function of a winter jacket is to provide protection from most of the winter elements that may cause devastation on your body. Insulation fibres like wool and cashmere are good for keeping you warm during a cold winter breeze, whilst other man-made fibres like nylon or polyester can shed water easily keeping you dry during a rain shower or even a snowy period.

Most comment winter coats have special features included in them, which could be an inside pocket, a zip up hood and certain zip out linings as well. Most technical jackets have other add-ons as well, like sealed waterproof seams and zippers, breathable lining, durable rip stop fabrics and also special pockets built purposely so you can leave your MP3 player in there too.

There are many different styles of winter jackets that people can purchase, whether it’s due to the amount of money they want to spend, the shape and size of said coat, the style and how it looks upon your person and if it is for a man or woman. The different styles may include pea coats, pant coats, cocoon coats, trench coats and walk coats. Other styles may include parkas, anoraks, bomber jackets and ski jackets.

So, depending on whether or not we get 1 inch of snow or 25 inches of snow, make sure you wrap up warm this winter by buying a decent winter coat for yourselves.