Is owning more than one duffle coat a thing?


When Imelda Marcos fled from the Philippines in 1986, it was her shoe collection that transfixed the world.

Because Imelda had amassed more than 1,200 pairs of shoes.

By our calculations, if Imelda had wanted to wear all of her shoes in a year, she would have needed to wear 3.28 pairs of shoes a day. Which we suspect is beyond the wit of even the most dedicated fashionista.

Although, we might not be the best people to judge. Because we can’t pretend for a second to understand the ways of women – or men – in the throes of a shoe or clothing desire.

That’s because we discovered recently that owning more than one duffle coat is a bit of a thing. And to be honest, it has perplexed us.

On one of our social media sites, a follower confessed to owning more than one duffle coat. And they didn’t mean owning more than one duffle coat in a lifetime, they meant owning more than one duffle coat at a time.

Wow. We were impressed.

Because although – obviously – we’d love it if the world adopted the ‘7-day duffle rule’ (a different coloured duffle for every day of the week) we’re pragmatists. We know that’s possibly not going to happen.

Although we could be wrong.

Because the follower we’re talking about admitted to owning six duffle coats.

That’s right, s.i.x. SIX.

We are in awe. (And we’ve stocked up on all coloured duffle coats in case this follower decides to round it up to ten.)

What do you think? Are you a one duffle pony? Or can you see the need for multiple duffles?