How waxed jackets went mainstream


There was a time when waxed jackets were the preserve of Royals and braying Hooray Henrys.

They were worn by the huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’ set and they stayed in the countryside.

Next, waxed jackets were adopted by the dog walkers.

Up and down our green and pleasant land, hale and hearty types were walking the hounds wearing expensive wellies and waxed jackets.

And then came the revolution.

Waxed jackets went mainstream.

You no longer had to be an Old Etonian, or own half of Oxfordshire, to wear one.

Because suddenly the little people realised that waxed jackets were practical, warm AND stylish. And there was no requirement to carry a shotgun if you wore one.

Which is why waxed jackets are no longer confined to the countryside. They’ve broken through the barricades and they’ve spilled out into ordinary wardrobes all over the land.


We applaud the waxed jacket revolution.

Long may it continue!