How to buy a duffle coat from the comfort of your armchair

It happens every year. One minute it’s still autumn, then – overnight – winter is here and your wardrobe hasn’t quite caught up.

And although the idea of shopping for a winter coat might appeal, finding a parking space and battling with other shoppers probably doesn’t.

Which is why we’ve made it easy for you to buy a woollen duffle coat online.

In today’s blog we explain how to choose the right size duffle coat, how easy it is to buy (and exchange) your coat, and how Dufflecoats UK manages to offer exceptional quality at such competitive prices.

Choosing your wool duffle coat from Dufflecoats UK

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If you’re not sure what kind of duffle coat you’d like this winter, read our previous blog, ‘How to choose a duffle coat‘ for ideas. Then browse our collection of men’s and women’s duffle coats to decide which style to choose.

We’ve included plenty of images to show how the coats fit on our models, and we’ve also provided a detailed sizing guide. The sizing guide for our duffle coats shows you where to measure yourself and gives advice to help you choose the right size, first time.

Free postage for our traditional handmade duffle coats

One of the drawbacks of buying a coat online, is that you can’t always be sure where the coat is coming from, and how long it will take to arrive. But that’s not a problem that our customers need worry about.

All of our duffle coats are handmade in the UK and stored securely in our warehouse in Leicestershire. If the coat is showing in stock on our website, then it will be despatched within two days. Postage is free within the UK. Your duffle coat will be sent by UK Mail courier service and you can track it online. We also ship worldwide using DHL Express and Parcel Force (for Russia). The postage costs are automatically calculated at the checkout.

Buying a duffle coat online – what if it’s not the right size?

If you find that the duffle coat you’ve ordered is not the right size, we offer a free returns service. Get in touch with us to tell us the details of your order and which duffle coat you’d like to exchange.

Once we’ve received the duffle coat, we’ll refund the postage and replace the item. And as postage is free within the UK, you don’t need to worry about incurring extra postage costs if you have to order more than once from us. It’s like having an online personal shopper for duffle coats!

Why buy a coat from Dufflecoats UK?

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Although you can’t see it on the screen, our coats are reassuringly heavy (approximately 2kg) and will keep you warm as winter takes hold. Handmade using traditional methods, the classic checked lining is bonded with the warm outer layer to provide a satisfyingly thick material.

And look closely at the pictures of our models. Can you see how all of our coats have taped seams and genuine buffalo horn and leather toggles? It’s the attention to detail that makes our duffle coats different to the rest.

And because we don’t maintain an expensive shop front, we can keep our prices competitive and focus on providing excellent customer service.

So instead of pounding the pavements in search of a winter coat, snuggle down and buy your duffle coat online. After all, it’s looking pretty nippy out there…

Feast your eyes on our range of Men’s Duffle Coats.

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