Hidden Gems

It’s often said that there is #noplacequitelikeEngland. To me, it’s the quirkiness that makes it such a brilliant place to visit. Of course, we’re always celebrating the joy of the city extravaganzas. But when you head down south, well actually more towards the south-east, you’ll find some real gems that are make our dear old quirky blighty so very special.

Hidden Hut is the quintessential Cornish dining experience. Yes, it’s little more than a wooden hut on a beach, and its true that it’s only open from March to October, but that undersells quite how exciting it is. It’s the sort of place that, after you’ve been the first time, you just have to tell everyone about it, which is as sure a sign as any of a brilliant dining experience.

It’s a way of cooking that’s a world away from anything you will find in a city and the spirit of this place is infectious – they’re always smiling, keen, and truly loving what they do. So roll up your duffle coat into the most perfect cushion and watch the sun go down over the bay eating some really great food, I honestly can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be on a warm summer’s night.

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