New year. New start. That’s the great thing about January, after the somewhat crazy over indulgence of Christmas and New Year sparkles, the rest of January can seem to be a little bit of an anticlimax. Dark nights, a less than perfect body and the long haul until pay day but wait, it’s not all doom and gloom.


January can be the perfect time for reflection. Instead of making resolutions, few of us will keep, how about setting goals to bring things into your life rather than starving yourself of everything that makes you smile.


Your wardrobe is a really great place to start making space for lovely new you. Begin by digging deep into depths of your wardrobe and dig out all those clothes you’ll never fit into because they were a size too small when you bought them. The impulse buys you’ll never wear, the not so hot bargains and the Christmas presents that were obviously meant for someone else. Bag up the old clothes for the charity shop and take them now. …Wow, it’s great, space, de-cluttered, slimed down and organised, it even smells better without those old boots and shoes hanging around. So, lets start. No need to brave the cold to make a few stylish purchases, get online a see what wonderful fashion gems are out there. And, you don’t have to splash the cash, go for classic, timeless clothing, which can be amazingly fashionable when styled with key accessories.



If you haven’t got a Original Montgomery duffle coat in your wardrobe, now is the perfect time to buy one. There are lots in the sales and many feature key fashion trends like bright primary colours to brighten up the dullest January day. Authentic red duffle, Yellow duffle or maybe the traditional Cobalt Blue will have you looking and feeling truly fabulous


So that’s the first step, now it’s time to welcome the gorgeous new you.


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