Grab some charity shop bargains

There’s nothing quite like being able to grab a bargain, and whilst the high street is awash with mid-season sales and new season offerings that doesn’t mean you can’t think outside the box. If you want to find the ultimate bargain then going to charity shops would be ideal, but don’t think it’s all old-lady skirts and stretched-out jeans—these days, charity shops have gone up a level.

Take a browse through the rails and you could well be impressed with what you uncover. They’ll be full of high street offerings and you might even find a designer label or two lurking in the midst (particularly if your charity shop of choice is in a high-flying area), and of course, it can be a vintage goldmine. With the vintage revolution in full swing it’s high time you went and had a rummage, and with anyone and everyone sending their unwanted clothes to the charity shop you could well snap up a high-end bargain.

Just think of all the clothes you’ve got languishing in the back of the wardrobe. They may have only been worn a few times but it’s time to get rid, and a lot of other people are in the same kind of situation. The clothes are perfectly wearable but simply unloved so it’d be rude not to take them home and give them a bit of TLC, and you might even find a few choice pickings with the store labels still attached—we’ve all bought clothes only to regret it later, and you could take advantage of someone else’s mistake. You might even be lucky enough to track down a pre-loved coat just in time for the autumn, so what are you waiting for? Get down to your local charity shop and get rummaging—you might just be surprised.