Good old clear out

One of the Duffle coat team members is moving house this week which is rather exciting, new town, new home and a new life. Despite the excitement it seems the process of moving can be rather time-consuming and frustrating, especially if like our colleague, you have numerous wardrobes, thousands of garments and hundreds of pairs of shoes.

It’s always great at this time of year to have a clear out, whether you are moving house or not. You tend to find a lot of items you totally forgot about and haven’t used for months, even years. Our rules for having a clear out is that if you haven’t used or worn it in 6 months to a year get rid of it. Harsh as it sounds, you have to, because otherwise you will end up hoarding tonnes of stuff and eventually never be able to leave your house.

Clothing can be either sent to charity shops, or if you have some decent brand stuff, you can make a pretty penny on auction or fashion sites.If you have sentimental pieces, it is best to keep these, like your first ever cardigan or duffle coat, these are very cute items and remind you of years ago, when you didn’t have such a huge wardrobe.

Shoes and handbags, you have to be ruthless, yes you love them, yes they are so comfortable, but let’s be honest, the heel is falling off and they look tatty. GET RID!

It’s a great excuse to do something good, have a clean out and make some more room in the wardrobe for new clothes and shoes! If you are moving house to a smaller place, you may have to keep a reign on the new clothes purchasing.

Believe us, having a clear out is a great thing, for mind, body and wallet.

Duffle Coat Team