Give your duffle some love

Finally—it’s February! The January blues seemed to go on forever, and here at Duffle Coats HQ we’re pretty pleased to have entered a new month. It’s brighter, shorter and your cash could easily go further, meaning it’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourself and indulge in a bit of mid-season sale shopping. But, why should your trusty duffle miss out? It kept you going through the arctic conditions of the last few weeks, and whilst we may not be out of the chilly woods just yet we think it deserves some TLC.

The first thing you might want to do is treat it to a dry cleaning session. It’s still got a good month or so to get through and it might be looking past its best after so much use over the winter so far, but a quick once-over could bring it back to its best in no time at all. Then you’ll want to take a look at the lining and the pockets to make sure there aren’t any slight tears that could start to take hold, because the sooner a repair job is underway the less likely it is to be disastrous, and you could even spritz it with a bit of fabric freshener every few days to keep it sweet-smelling and totally ready for its next wear—some added freshness will never go amiss.

But, you’ll want to pay extra attention to where you hang it when not in use. Throwing it over a bannister is a big no no and even a coat hook won’t be ideal—it could soon get misshapen and won’t give you such a flattering silhouette, so ideally you’ll want to hang it on a padded coat hanger so it keeps its shape with ease. A bit of extra care and attention could be all it takes to show your duffle some love, so make sure to reward it after all its hard work and as an added bonus it’ll repay you by staying in tip top condition for years to come.