Get your lightweight coat ready for 2013

We’ve barely experienced this summer yet so it’s hard to think about the next one, but think about it you must—over the last few days Milan has been awash with the fashion glitterati, with menswear preview presentations for summer 2013 hitting the runway. And it seems that the lightweight coat is where it’s at.

Designers are forecasting a season of summer jackets, non-belted raincoats, vintage leather, suede and blazers, with a lot of collections having a distinctly 60s vibe. Just about every label showcased a raincoat whilst leather came in all shapes and sizes from bomber to windbreaker, and the blazer-and-trousers look (or even blazer-and-shorts) was as popular as ever.

It was all about being cool and comfortable, with nothing too stuffy or overdone. Coats are well and truly making a comeback and are no longer reserved for winter use, with next summer set to see coat sales skyrocket. And, you could always coordinate your coat with another big trend for next summer—colour.

If you thought colour was big this season, you’ll be getting a whole other level come 2013. Colour palettes are bold, bright and beautiful (yes, even for the men) with everything from turquoise and terracotta to pistachio and lemon hitting the runway, so next year don’t be afraid to take a few risks and try a coat with a bolder shade than you might normally go for.

Of course, if you really want to prepare for 2013 there’s nothing to stop you from getting a lightweight coat right now—it is summer after all. Choose wisely and you’ll have one that can last you this season and beyond, so think a vintage leather jacket or non-belted raincoat and you’ll have something that will mean you’re looking great this summer whilst being ahead of the game and bang on-trend for summer 2013.