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It’s the second week of February and the ‘novelty’ of a new year has definitely worn off. The ground is still hard and frosty, the nights are still dark, and spring still feels a while away. All in all, February can be a bit of a slog. But wait – What if it could be different? What if we didn’t just endure February, but actually enjoyed the last few flurries of winter.


We’re not suggesting that buying a duffle coat could radically change every area of your life. But we ARE suggesting that brightening up your wardrobe, by treating yourself to a new winter coat to enjoy these beautiful frosty mornings and making the best of our great winter Duffle Coat Sale, has the potential to brighten the dullest winters day.


So let’s cut to the chase and show you our coloured iconic British duffle coats that could bring you some winter cheer this February.


Men’s Admiral duffle coat


Don’t feel shy about moving away from charcoal or navy, it just means that you’re already ahead of the curve. Bright’s are back and our classic duffle coat is hand made in England and weighs in at around 2kg. So it’ll keep you down (and warm) in a storm. It also boasts the traditional lining of a true duffle coat and buffalo horn and leather fastenings. Reason to buy now? Find out more.


Women’s classic duffle coat


Unless you’re a fan of orange shoes and lime green trousers, buying a bright coat is a pretty safe bet. It goes with everything. And this full length duffle coat is incredibly warm and soft, none of that itchy material you might remember from your school days. Reasons to buy now?


Find out more.



Brightly coloured duffle coats aren’t for everyone. And if you prefer a duffle coat in a classic shade, you can still enjoy our Winter sale and save money.


All of our duffle coats are available in traditional shades; think navy, charcoal and brown. And whatever their colour, our duffle coat prices all have one thing in common –  great winter reductions.


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