Father’s Day Fun: Which type of Dad is YOUR Dad?

The trouble with the bland, catch-all marketing for Father’s Day, is that it doesn’t recognise the different types of Dad that exist. So we’ve decided to set the record straight.

Our Father’s Day Gift Idea List not only gives you cool ideas for Father’s Day, it helps you find out where your Dad is on the Dad spectrum.

Gifts for ‘Ug Dad’

tool belt

Ug Dad is the man who has not evolved too far from his Neanderthal roots. He’s all about bringing home the bacon and ensuring the cave is able to withstand woolly mammoth attacks. For the Ug Dad in your life, the best Father’s Day gift will revolve around skewering and searing chunks of raw flesh. Also known as barbecuing. So take a look at B&Q’s range of beast barbecues. They’re enough to make any Ug Dad salivate.

And after barbecuing, Ug Dad will be ready for some hardcore DIY. True Ug Dads will own a tool belt. And Ug Dads aspiring to the next level will want this personalised tool belt. With a personalised hammer.

Gifts for Greedy Dad

hotel chocolat chocolates

Greedy Dad would prefer to be called ‘Foodie Dad’ or ‘Sophisticated Palate Dad’. But really he’s just a bit greedy. The obvious Father’s Day choice for this food connoisseur is an epicurean gift. For the truly Greedy Dad (with a sophisticated palate) it has to be Hotel Chocolat. Or a hamper of delicious goodies is guaranteed to hit the spot

Gifts for Metrosexual Dad

Metrosexual Dad knows that appearance matters. And he’s a borderline dandy. So he’s always up for some pampering. Obvious choices would include a spa day or a razor that also cuts nose and ear hair. Dandy? Who said Dandy?

Gifts for Traditional Dad

traditional wool socks

Traditional Dad is easy to buy for. He’s happy to add another tie to his existing collection and he favours tweeds (here’s a classic tweed jacket for men). He’s also impartial to some wool-rich socks, whatever the weather outside.

And if you’re lucky he’s ignored all the health warnings and is still smoking a pipe. So some pipe accessories should see him right. And perhaps a pie and pint at the Dog and Gun.

Gifts for Thrill Seeking Dad

He’s the Peter Pan of Dads and refuses to grow up. Modelling himself on Richard Branson, he’s suspiciously trim for his age and probably still competes in triathlons. He’s done Kilimanjaro, found the Terracotta Warriors too touristy and he’s got his eye on Everest’s base camp.

Thrill Seeking Dad is easy to buy for. Head to Sir Richard’s site and book him a ridiculously dangerous activity for a pensioner.

Gifts for Gadget Dad

laser sphere projector

Gadget Dad may be a stickler for minimalism (think an entirely blue-toothed house) or he could be a distant relation of Heath Robinson (think mess, trailing wires and elaborate contraptions). For minimalist Gadget Dad we suggest a laser sphere projector. It’s fairly useless but looks pretty, and a bit space age.

For contraption Gadget Dad, could anything be more perfect than this cassette player that converts cassettes to MP3s? Gadget Dad is definitely still hoarding his cassettes, so this could be a way of gradually easing him into the 21st Century.

Gifts for Drinking Dad

guide to cocktails

When the sun is over the yard arm, Drinking Dad likes a tipple. He sees it as his only vice and so where’s the harm? Cast all concerns about his liver aside this year and indulge him. If Drinking Dad is partial to whisky, go wild with a personalised whisky gift.

For beer lovers a brewery gift pack might hit the spot, along with a personalised wooden beer trug. And for the sophisticated drinker, we love this genteel guide to mixing cocktails.

Gifts for Discerning Dad

traditional duffle coat

We’ve saved the best until last. Discerning Dad likes quality, and classic style. And although he’s happy to shop around, he’s not a fan of cheap stuff that won’t stay the distance. Which is why a traditional duffle coat could be just the ticket. And with our duffle coats currently on sale, you can buy him a quality winter coat without breaking the bank. Win win?

Whichever Dad you own this Father’s Day, we hope he has a wonderful day!

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