Embrace linen luxe for the perfect springtime look

At this time of year it’s all about transitional dressing with the combination of layers and light materials being the order of the day, and that’s why linen is the perfect solution. Think it’s the material of your nightmares? It’s time to think again…
Linen has had a bad rep in the past, but this year it’s enjoying something of an upgrade. Linen luxe is where it’s at, and that makes it the ideal choice for both the working week as well as the weekend. Linen suits are ideal—elegantly tailored whilst offering the comfort that linen’s known for, they’ll be perfect for balmy days when you don’t quite know what the office is going to be like.

Of course, you don’t have to go for full-on linen. Guys might like to opt for a linen shirt with jeans or chinos (a navy shirt and white trousers can be the ultimate summer combo), and the whole look can be rounded off with some moccasins for a totally on-trend result. Women can opt for simple linen skirts with delicate tops or perhaps a dress is more your thing, and both sexes can rock the linen blazer—stylish yet versatile, it’s the ultimate layering piece and ideal for this time of year.
Don’t think that linen has to be all drab colours either. Far from it! Yes, delicate neutrals and beiges may be the traditional go-to shades but it doesn’t have to be that way, because this year it’s all about experimenting. Scour the high street and you’ll be able to find everything from pastels to colour pop shades to really add some zing into your wardrobe, and you’ll still get the comfort and versatility that linen can offer. What’s not to love?

Going for linen can bring a bit of added luxe into your day and can help you smarten up or cool off with ease—no matter how you want to work it, linen has got you covered. Isn’t it time you embraced it? You could even complete your look with one of our short duffles for when the wind still bites, so embrace the trend and you’ll soon have the perfect springtime style.