Easy Guide to Overcoat Tailoring

While casual wear designers are increasingly playing around with layers and lengths these days, the best advice we have when it comes to tailoring and layering, especially if you work in a conservative business environment, is to make sure your outermost layer is longer than your suit jacket. Jacket tails hanging out like mud flaps don’t do anyone any favours. And you don’t want a coat that has any sort of elasticated waistband, its much more flattering to just hang straight.


Ensuring that your coat is roomy enough, particularly in the shoulders and the arms, will give you a nice comfortable fit over a structured suit. A less formal outerwear can soon soften the stiffness of tailoring if you are happier with a more relaxed look.


The high/low combination helps prevent you looking too much like “a suit”. And of course you can easily style such topcoats with your weekend and casual wear.


For a contemporary throwback, my first port of call would always be the iconic London Duffle of which we currently stock 5 different versions in a myriad of colours. You will often see men wear mod-style parka’s over tailoring and if that’s your thing then you could consider a short duffle to get a more casual feel.


Wearing ‘brown in town’ will set you apart from the crowd. If you’re looking for a more hipster style jacket that will work from the office to the bar, then maybe our essential Harris Tweed will be the one for you.


12111Every man should own a Pea Coat, but just make sure you get one that’s not too cropped. This navy one from Montgomery is long enough to cover the suit jacket.


We have such an array of coats and jackets this season; you’re really spoilt for choice.


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Montgomery Duffle | Handmade in England

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