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Its time – The clocks are nearly falling backwards, which is the official sign that it’s OK to hunker down, eat a bit more cake and ease up on the exercise regime, excellent! It also means no more nipping out in just a sweater; it’s time to reach for your favourite go anywhere coat. With that in mind, here are a few great reasons why you should be reaching for a duffle coat this winter.


Culture vulture

Duffle coats are one of the most enduring coats in British fashion. Always in vogue with stylists the world over, the iconic Duffle Coat is the original designers go to coat. Whether worn over a suit in the City, or thrown over jeans at the weekend, a duffle has a unique, urban timeless style.


Stay warm

When the wind whips up and the frosts bite, you will love the beauty of our wool rich duffle coats that are soft, stylish, warm and…HEAVY. The weight of a duffle is one way of telling that you’re buying quality, and ours weigh in at a reassuring 2kg. Wearing one of our duffle coats is just like being hugged by a warm friend.


Cool Britannia

Nothing shouts quality better than authentic design, traditional manufacturing and handmade in the UK. When you get inside the beating heart of Montgomery Duffle you start to appreciate the legacy and passion from decades of experience. As the worlds original Duffle Coat maker, you get to experience the quality, true attention to detail and the loving design that is carefully woven into each and every thread. It’s often said that you can’t buy experience, but you can buy the experience of others. When you buy a Montgomery duffle you buy an exceptional coat that is guaranteed to delight for years.


Back To School

Is it just the sight of a buffalo horn toggle? Or the unique pancake hood that can transport a duffle coat lover back to their school days? Then, as now, a duffle meant warmth, quality, and outdoor fun in a coat that would last for years.


Firm favourite of top designers, you can still rely on a well-made duffle coat to top the ‘must have’ for 2017 /2018 winters coat. Woven together, two wool-rich layers gives the duffle its classic plain outer layer and super lovely checked lining ensuring warmth and durability.


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