Dressing for the colder climate

OK, so the temperatures might be starting to plummet across much of Australia, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your sense of style. If anything, now’s the time to show your true fashion credentials – it can be difficult to stay looking stylish when you bundled up in layers, but do it well and you can nail street style cool at any time of year.

The key is to have plenty of thin layers so you’re not too top-heavy. Not only can layers mean you’re better able to regulate your temperature (essential when you’re faced with cold sidewalks and overheated stores and offices) but it’ll keep your silhouette sleek and defined, and even the likes of a simple vest top under a thin wool knit can be ideal. Or, if you prefer the chunky knit, make sure to keep your bottom half more slimline – skinny jeans are ideal – and if you still long to wear a dress just team it with some leggings or thick tights and you can’t go wrong.

Boots are, of course, a winter must-have. It doesn’t matter what style you prefer, just have a pair in your wardrobe – from knee-high to shoe boots, heels or flats, a decent pair of boots (or two) will see you through every fashion emergency. A few accessories are vital as well (chic hats are ideal), and then it’s time to whip out the coat. Well, we don’t think you can beat a trusty duffle. Thick, warm and perfect for when the temperatures really start to turn, it’ll give you instant fashion points and can be ideal for any occasion necessary – it’s great for casual use but just as suitable for the working week, and you can even choose a short version if you’re after something even more refined.

So, don’t begrudge winter making an appearance. Dressing for the colder climate doesn’t have to be difficult and nor do you have to sacrifice your sense of style, and with a few careful choices you can show your true fashion colours with ease.