Dress for Success – Business Fashion Tips

Whether you are office based or travel across the globe representing your company; what you wear and how you wear it an important statement of who you are and more importantly who you represent. You may be a fashion slave but unless you are a designer or a fashion journalist wearing the latest fashions may not showcase the business image you want to portray.

short camel dufflecoat
Our ladies short camel duffle coat is ideal for work and is just £75 in our Spring sale!

Here are a few key steps to achieve an effortless, stylish business persona…

Do your research – Find a few key fashion trends that lend themselves to the work environment and stick to them. Avoid frills and garish colours. You’re going to work not a fashion show!

Fashion is fun but it is often fickle – Invest in the classical fashion especially for coats, jackets and knitwear and you will move seamlessly from season to season with minimal cost and effort.

Invest in a classic coatDuffle coats may not immediately spring to mind as the must have business fashion. Take a look at our women’s short duffle coat in camel and men’s short duffle coat in olive and you will see that the duffle coat is smart, comfortable business outerwear. It’s perfect for those early breakfast and late evening meetings, especially if your business involves outside locations and travelling.

Choose classic knitwear – Classic knitwear to wear on those cold Spring days will complement a smart skirt or pant suit. It adds a touch of individuality as well and snugly warmth. Check out our Cross Check Sweater in Ecru and Boat Neck Jumper in Navy. Hand knitted using Merino wool, they’ll offer maximum comfort and instantly add a hint of style to your work outfits!

Dress for success with classic colours, timeless coats and classic knitwear. And remember workwear doesn’t have to be boring!