Design details on duffles part 4: the extra cuff button



The latest in our ‘Design details on duffles’ series looks at the two cuff buttons. Not one, two.

A pretty unremarkable feature of the duffle coat you’d think. Right? Wrong.

Well, only a bit wrong. We admit it might not be the duffle coat feature that causes you to swoon, but it serves a purpose nevertheless.

You probably know that duffle coats are cut generously to allow you to shrug them on over thick woollen jumpers.

And that generous cut means that the sleeves are also nice and roomy and cut long enough to reach your wrists. Or perhaps extend a little over your hand (depending on the length of your arms).

But here’s the thing: what if you don’t want your duffle coat sleeves covering part of your hand?

For example, what if you need to keep your coat on in a freezing office where the heating has failed? (Yep, that happened.)

The answer is delightfully simple.

On our Soho and Elegance duffle coats, you use the second button on your duffle coat cuff to tighten the sleeve.

Et voilà! Now you can keep your duffle coat on AND keep your hands free to work.

It might not be an earth breaking design feature, but it’s still super handy.

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