Design details on duffle coats. Part 1: buffalo horn toggles


We’ve written before about the debate that rages about duffle coat toggles. And we’re so not getting involved.

Instead, we’d just like to highlight the beauty of buffalo horn toggles. We’re not saying they’re better than wooden toggles, they’re different. And just as beautiful.

Although buffalo horn toggles didn’t feature on the original duffle coats worn by sailors in the British Navy, the principle is the same. The design means that the toggles can be fastened and unfastened easily when you’re wearing gloves.

It’s ingenious really. Those early duffle coat designers really knew what they were doing.

Our horn toggles are made from genuine buffalo horn (although the toggles on our children’s duffle coats are made of plastic). And we only use reputable buffalo horn suppliers, so we know that the animals are treated humanely, and not slaughtered solely for their horns.

The horn toggles are attached using leather ‘hasps’ or loops. And we’ve made sure that the hasps/loops are large enough to slip the toggle through easily. Because struggling with a too-small toggle loop in winter is not our idea of fun.

And for the final touch, our horn toggles are smoothed and polished allowing the natural grain of the horn to shine through. Beautiful.