Cool down in the heatwave

Australia is in the midst of a heatwave, but this is no ordinary heatwave—this is an historic one. The extreme temperatures sweeping the nation (in some cases going above 50°) have not only resulted in new colours being added to the weather map but means we need to be sensible to stay safe in this level of heat, and a bit of common sense and some careful wardrobe choices should mean we come through it unscathed.

It may seem obvious, but going for natural materials at a time like this is the only real option. Think thin cotton tops, skirts and shorts rather than denim or synthetic materials, with breathability being key. Wearing as little as possible whilst retaining some modesty is the order of the day, but you’ll need to make sure you carry around a few thin outer layers too (perhaps a cotton cardigan or loose jacket), not to provide warmth but to provide an extra barrier against the scorching sun—getting burnt in this heat is a very real possibility, but throwing on a thin cardigan over your shoulders could keep you safe in the sun.

Make sure the air con is up to scratch, and a daily dip in the pool could be just what the doctor ordered to cool down as much as possible. Other than that it’s all about staying sensible—don’t stay out in the heat too long and make sure you’ve got suitable clothes to see you through, and you could even use the opportunity to go through your wardrobe to see what you need and what you can get rid of for the season ahead. So, be a bit savvy in your clothing choices and you can stay cool in the heatwave whilst looking forward to the cooler temperatures to come…