Complete your look with the ultimate spring coat

Could it be… has spring finally arrived? Yep, it might actually be the case! Over the last week or so good old Blighty has been lucky enough to experience some (intermittent) sunshine and slowly rising temperatures, and that means people everywhere are shunning their winter gear in favour of some lightweight alternatives. It’s all about keeping it simple, sleek and layered so you can wrap up or strip off as necessary, but there’s one final piece of the puzzle you need to consider—the spring coat.

The spring coat provides the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, and it isn’t all about practicality—far from it. Yes, you need to make sure you’ve got a coat that can offer that vital layer of protection when those winds start to bite, but it’s as much a part of your look as anything else. That means you need a coat that perfectly reflects your sense of style and your outfit as a whole, and with so much to choose from this season you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Do you favour the cool, casual, preppy look? Then you need to make a beeline for a varsity jacket. The staple of high school teen movies the varsity has been given cult status for all the right reasons, and this year it’s come back into the foreground to become a key look of the season. It’s perfect for weekend cool and great for those times you need something to throw over your shoulders, but of course, the options don’t stop there.

Biker jackets are another option if you want to keep it cool and casual, or if you need something more structured you can’t go wrong with a short duffle or even a tailored bouclé style—the shape will be flattering but the texture means you’re staying fashion-forward too, offering the best of both. Cocoon coats are another option if you’re after something a bit less structured with the oversized nature carefully concealing your look beneath, and the ever-popular trench coat is just as stylish as ever.

But, you’ll need to consider the colour as much as the style. Bright, statement shades are ideal and can give your look an instant pop, or you might like to go a bit sleeker with monochrome. Prints are everywhere as well this season or you could go demure with pastel shades—as long as you go for something that reflects your sense of style you can’t go wrong, and by investing in a statement spring coat you’ll have the ultimate way to complete your look for the perfect finishing touch.