Coats to see you through Spring

Duffle coats may be traditionally thought of as being winter wear, but these days you’ll be able to find plenty of lightweight spring styles that will be perfect for the season ahead. At least, you will if you come to us. Here at Duffle Coats UK we’ve added a fantastic new line of spring duffles, made from lightweight, breathable cotton and designed to be shorter in length for optimum comfort at this time of year, and with a whole range of bright colours to choose from you’ll soon be putting a spring in your step.

We don’t think duffle coats could be confined to the winter—the style is far too iconic to be shrouded in damp, cold, miserable weather, and that’s why we’ve given it a revamp to ensure it can be experienced throughout spring as well. With everyone making the transition to lighter materials and brighter colours we’ve developed our own unique range of lightweight duffles, with each one of them offering the same central design with a springtime twist. It’s the ideal combination and can be the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe, letting you enjoy the benefits of the duffle without having to melt in the warmth.

Our range has been specifically designed to be worn at this time of year, and the colours we’ve got are perfect for the spring brights trend. With everything from bright red and orange to apple green and off-white there’ll be something for everyone, giving you an option that can go with any outfit necessary. You’ll have the perfect transition coat as you make your way towards summer yet the hood ensures you’ll be prepared for the (seemingly endless) April showers, helping you to stay warm, dry and stylish throughout the season. So what are you waiting for? Check out our range and we’re confident you’ll fall in love with our springtime duffles, giving you practicality and style in one handy package.