Classic hipster outfits for men

Are you a hipster? From top to bottom the hipster man is oozing confidence and they can carry it well! With a denim-faded shirt buttoned to the top, velvet brown trousers trimmed with a nice brown belt as the only accessory. A tweed tight fitted jacket and ankle boots or loafers will finish the look. But lets not forget, if you’re going to be a hipster, you’re going to have to spend some serious time on you’re hair and that’s the stuff on your face as well as you’re head.



Hair is big for the hipster and the styles can be, shall we say a little unconventional. But that’s the fun of being a hipster. With a carefree demeanour, the hipster tends to love natural hand made fibres like wool and tweed. They keep the colour tone simple, such as grey, brown, blue, white and black.


You can experiment with lots of looks, just remember that less is more so keep that relaxed natural feel.

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