Choosing the perfect spring coat

There’s no better feeling than seeing the first rays of spring sunshine start to break through the clouds, and it also gives us the perfect opportunity to start re-evaluating our clothing choices. The gorgeous weekend weather meant many of us were able to go outside without shivering for the first time in months, and it may be early days yet but we can start tentatively putting those thermals and thick woolly jumpers back into the wardrobe. But, it isn’t summer yet and you’re still going to need a coat for the foreseeable future, so just how can you choose the right spring coat to suit?

The first thing you need to remember is that you’ll be wearing a transition coat, so it needs to be ready for all eventualities. It should be lightweight yet warm enough should you decide to be brave and simply wear a t-shirt underneath, but it also needs to be able to cope with anything the tricky British weather can throw at it. It should be big enough to accommodate a layer or two of clothing underneath (don’t go for anything too tight at this time of year) and you might want to look for something with a hood to make sure you’re prepared for those spring showers, but of course, you’re going to want it to look great as well.

Spring’s the time of year when we can start being more selective in our clothing choices with style being just as important as practicality, and it’s important you get a coat that you’ll be happy to wear throughout the season. A duffle coat could always be an option before the weather gets too warm and after that you could make the transition to a pea coat, offering something slightly more lightweight and fitted for the perfect spring style. Choose wisely and you’ll have the perfect coat for the season, so get searching and you’ll be ready for spring in the best way possible.