Celebrities and their duffle coats

We all know that celebrities (with their personal dressers) are somewhat fashionable. Many young girls open up magazines and decide that they want a dress like Beyonce’s or a handbag like Paris Hiltons. But it’s not just the young girls who are inspired by celebrity style, ladies of all ages, including myself, buy many a fashion magazine in order to find what it is that is ‘fashionable’ for that particular season. After all the celebrities copy it off the catwalk, and nine times out of ten, we copy it off the celebrities.

There is one celebrity in particular that has got me smiling, brimming in fact with their choice of attire this week. The celebrity is question is Black Swans Natalie Portman!

A glowingly pregnant Natalie Portman stepped out on the streets of New York earlier this week in a navy ladies duffle coat. This isn’t the first time the actress has been spotted out in the favourite coat; however, she has worn it on many occasions since she revealed the news that she was expecting. To be honest, it has barely left her back since she has been pregnant. Perhaps this is because it is ideal for keeping her, bump and baby warm, or perhaps it’s because it covers up her ever growing baby bump well. Whatever the reason, we salute you Miss Portman, we like your style!

Natalie teamed her duffle coat with a casual pair of black trousers, a comfy pair of trainers and a fashionable pair of sunglasses. She had her hair demurely tied back and was fresh faced.

Natalie Portman’s Duffle Coat is almost identical to the navy ladies duffle coats that we offer here at Duffle Coats UK, so why not be bang on trend this season, follow Natalie Portman’s lead and get yourself one?