Camping in the UK this summer? You’ll need this


Now that winter is over and your duffle coat is packed away you might think it’s safe to forget about woollen coats for a few months.

But wait a second.

Because there’s a component of a duffle coat that you’ll probably need this summer.

What is it?

And why would you need wool this summer?

If you intend to camp in the UK.

Because although Brits are fond of a spot of camping in the warmer months, we rarely get the temperatures to make camping a truly warm experience. In fact it’s often pretty chilly.

Enter the blanket made of wool.

Let wool rock your canvas this summer

The word on the camping street is that wool trumps other fabrics when it comes to staying warm under canvas.

Not only is it warm, it’s breathable. And so in the unlikely event that temperatures soar during the night, the wool will wick away moisture from your body. And in the more likely event that it’s freezing? The wool will keep you toasty.

The most affordable (new) wool blankets for camping tend to be military blankets, like this one. But if you’re happy to go retro – and do your bit for recycling – you can also find lovely wool blankets on eBay or Etsy.

A final compelling reason for using wool in the summer?

Think camping, think fire. Whether you’re grilling on the bbq or singing rousing songs while toasting marshmallows, where there are tents, there are usually flames.

And the beauty of wool? It doesn’t burn easily.

True, we don’t recommend putting wool anywhere near a naked flame, but if coals from your fire fall onto your wool blanket? It’s not going to go up like the 4th July.

Watch this ‘does the wool blanket burn?’ test. (We definitely don’t advise trying this at home.)

So if you’re planning a camping trip in chilly climes aka the UK this summer, grab yourself a wool blanket before you go.

Happy camping!

Image used with kind permission of the Campaign for Wool.